Monday, 12 November 2012

7 Months - Shower, Scans & Nurseryland

At the end of October we shared a memorable day with family and friends at the baby shower we never thought we'd have.  It was an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the amazing commitment and achievement of what has been a 10 year battle to start our family.

Thank you to all our family and friends for making this day so wonderful!!!

Our 28 week scans consisted of the usual head and abdomen shots, but this time round we did have cardio scans which looked amazing.

B1 was measured 27 weeks and 1 day at the time of the scan.  New measurements are BPD 66mm 26wks and 5 days, HC 255mm 27wks and 5 days, AC 214mm 26wks, FL 52mm 28wks and EFW 997gms.  All other details from previous scans remain unchanged so all good there once again thank God.

B2 was measuring 26 weeks and 2 days at the time of the scan.  New measurements are BPD 64mm 26wks and 2 days, HC 245mm 26wks and 5 days, AC 203mm 24wks and 4 days, FL 51mm 27wks and 4 days and EFW 893gms.  B2 is still in breech position which has now sparked talks with the clinic about a confirmed c-section for Mrs M. 

And now for the big nursery reveal...woodland animals here we come!!!

Night night, sleep tight little ones!

I love these baby cute!

Can you tell mummy works in a library???

A magical woodland nursery for our twins...

As this update is a little over due, our 32 week scan and report (along with belly shot of Mrs M) should be sent this Saturday.  I'm guessing it will be our last emailed scan and report as we will be arriving in Delhi on December 12 unless the twins decide to make an earlier entry into the world.
So the babies bags are packed (guess we should pack a little something for ourselves shortly), we have the visas, accom and flights booked, DNA test done so I guess that's it.  Parenthood here we come!!!

Thank you to all our family and friends for their love and support we can't wait to introduce you to our bundles of joy in a few weeks!  As always we are thinking of everyone in blogland and wishing them the very best!


  1. Congratulations! We may bump into you both in Delhi. Good luck with the final chapter ;)

    Mike & Col

  2. Wow, it's all coming together VERY nicely. Enjoy the last few weeks of peace. Lisa

  3. Your nursery is so cute, really well done.

  4. Stunning nursery! I love owls and I love how original your nursery is, it looks so tranquil and lovingly thought out! Best wishes for the arrival of your little ones

  5. Look at that gorgeous nursery!, it's looks so whimsical!. It's really not long now at all, so glad the Baby Shower went well & you've now got everything in order!. Keep in touch, I cannot wait to hear more news. xxx