Thursday, 27 September 2012

6 Month Miracles

We received our 23 week scans and report back on the 18th of September and we're very happy to hear that Mrs M and the babies are continuing to progress through the pregnancy well.  
Whewwww another month down and just a few to go!  
The placenta has moved up and is no longer low lying grade 0 but seen along the anterior and posterior wall, so grade I (we think this is a good thing??)  
We think the kids have had their first tiff as B2 seems to be giving B1 the cold shoulder and decided on a change of position...conversation probably ended with something along the lines of 'hey to the foot!'
 So at the time of the scans the babies were about the length of corn cobs!
And now for some stats and pics..........

B1 was measuring 23 weeks and 2 days at the time of the scan.  New measurements are BPD 55mm, HC 212mm, AC 175mm, FL 44mm and EFW 588gms.  All other details from previous scans remain unchanged so all good there.

B1's noggin

B1 striking a pose from the other angle!

B2 was measuring 22 weeks and 4 days at the time of the scan.  New measurements are BPD 52mm, HC 215mm, AC 170mm, FL 40mm and EFW 518gms.  B2 has decided that a change of scene is needed and so is now in breech position! 

B2's noggin

Great pic of B2's!

We recall at the time of writing last months blog entry we were still pottering around and trying to pass time, but now everything is in full swing and there just doesn't seem to be enough time during the days to get everything on that list done.
For now shower invites are posted, flights and accom are done and dusted, the nursery is under construction and the DNA test will be happening next week.  Then just the visas next month and we should be set!

In the midst of our chaos and excitement of preparing for the arrival of our babies we would like to just take a minute to let everyone out in blogland know that we feel the pain and sorrow of  the recent losses in the SCI families. Each and everyone of the babies, IP's and surrogates are in our thoughts and prayers.  To the IP's we understand and feel your loss and pain too.  Please remember that we are all here right with you on your journey's, so don't forget to reach out to us...we will always reach right back!  The kindness and support we were given during our loss in March was amazing and unexpected and we will never forget it!!! 

Congratulations to all those who have received the best news of their life recently...the almighty BFP, good luck to everyone with 1,2, 3 or even 4 on the way and for those who have had a BFN don't give up because we are all proof that in time your baby dreams will come true!!

So it's bye for now from nursery construction land!!!!!  
Oh yeah check out this little corn cob...still trying to decide if it's cute or a little crazy lookin???  
Probably best not to turn your back on that one though huh!