Sunday, 24 June 2012

And we have limes...and a special dedication

Our little ones have now developed to the size of limes and are doing very well with strong heartbeats and great growth.  We were equally pleased to hear that Mrs M is doing really well with the pregnancy too. 

Our scans are proudly on the fridge where we can stare at them dreamily and  remind ourselves on a challenging day of the rewards of not giving up when things get a little tough.

We would like to dedicate this post to our amazing friend Milsy whom without her love, support and encouragement we would probably not have been brave enough to continue to pursue our dreams to have a family due to the many years of heartache and challenges.

And now for the scan we were so afraid we would never see as we have not progressed past week 10 with a pregnancy before.  Just 2 more sleeps until we make week 12 (not that we're counting)...bring on the 2nd trimester!

Wishing all the other surro families all the best with pursuing (and maintaining) their dreams!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Magical 8

We have received our 8 week scan and report and are very, very happy with the progress our little bubbles have been making...or should we say raspberries!  Our little bubbles are now the size of raspberries having grown 15mm in the last 2 weeks.  Their heartbeats are now showing 124 and 132 bpm which is stronger than on the last scan.  It was lovely to hear that our wonderful surrogate is doing well with the pregnancy too!!!
Wishing everyone in the surro world much luck and happiness with your journey no matter what stage you are at and we thank you for following our story and supporting us!!!